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Before Nkandlagate…

This is a truly South African issue, but who knows, if this snowball keeps rolling down this hill, it could become a global concern.

South Africa has its issues – always has… We are tearing down monuments of evil, while erecting legacies which may take aeons and bloodshed to undo. What have we learnt, are we as a human race in general able to learn fast enough? Is the legacy of a time that was unforgivable, for anyone in the position to forgive the unforgivable, is it to late in the human trajectory (for our lifetime at least), for the required level of forgiveness to be implemented as opposed to, and before, the unthinkable result of even greater unforgivable legacies are created? Because ultimately, if greater atrocities are created, only as retribution for the previous atrocities which were committed, we will only keep this cycle of vendetta going, in fact escalating to a point of absolute insurmountability!

Through it all, blood will be spilled and the ongoing definition of humanity (as being owned and defined as an esteemed aspect of our collective psyche) will forever be something less than a desirable attachment to the soul. Life is so not a precious commodity these days, and perpetuating the hate that exists between people and their dividing qualities will forever be exploited and highlighted by those so evil that there narcissistic psychopathy will be enabled to feed unquenchingly upon the spoils of the chaos, unless we make the change. As demonstrated by the actions of the leader of this great (but nearly shattered under his dominion) potential that exists in this country, as satirically exploited by my daily create for the day, this man of whom I speak (whose name is not worthy of mention in this symbolic rant) is only the tip of global issues that exist, where men in power take advantage of the positions which could actually impact enough as to contribute to a positive global psyche (as achieved by the great leader who came decades before he who must not be named here), and who do so at the expense of, never mind in the name of, those who blindly fall under their spell of evil. Learn a book! Read some! Never let it will be!

Nkandla people, Nkandla.