DS106 #tdc1594 – Tree Pose With a Tree

The brief was simple, I don’t feel like doing simple today 🙂

For those just tuning in, this is a Daily Create from the DS106 course (an awesome creative, digital storytelling course), and this here is my contribution. I am loving this journey, and with all the stresses of daily life, the creative accessing of moments of inspiration and practice really are adding to the joy of these days – and while currently this blog is feeding into DS106 alot, each piece of digital artistic expression holds a personal part of me.

Even with the latitude given for this challenge, the task simply read as follows:

“We challenge you to get off of your chair, away from your screen, and find a tree you can best do some yoga near. That means YOU too Jim Groom! Bonus points for being a real photo. Extra bonus points for being in a tree. Extra extra bonus points for being in a tree over a river. (No bonus points for wearing weird bathing suits).”

So… I  found the perfect tree to do yoga near. I (the challenged YOU, but not Jim Groom), actually got out my chair. This is a real photo (well, it’s made out of real photos and even follows the laws of mathematics). It’s me, in that that’s my son (who is 50% me) and there he is again in the tree, both of him and tree him are doing tree yoga poses – so 1+1=2 and 50%+50%=100%, and we in a tree, over a river 😛 (sans bathing suits)

What fun I say, What fun!

Alexi Tree

  • Mariana Funes

    I love how you made this and the story you tell here.

    So much of DS106 is about not just product but also narrating process. I am assuming you are coming in as an open participant via Daily Create? Or are you following the open course – http://ds106.us/open-course/ ?

    Anyway, it has been nice to see your creates pop up on the Twitter stream. Looking forward to getting to know you and your creativity in this space.

    I am an open participant – The DS106 Shrink on Tumblr – and have been involved with DS106 for years now. It still is my favourite online space for fun and learning digital stuff.

    • soztheo

      I have started the open course but have stalled due to the business of everyday life (but that’s one of the things I love about the course, the freedom to do it at you own pace). I have been wanting to make use of my creative energy for years (this is my second attempt at a blog) – definitely a novice.

      The great thing about the DS106 Daily Creates is the variety of excercises, and the skills we get to attach, day to day. In conversation with a psychologist friend the other day, we were talking about a shift in my energy and I was telling her about the Daily Creates and how much fun I have been having just creating – she loved the idea so much that she may start recommending them as an excercise for some of the people who see her.

      I really can’t wait to get going on the course proper!

  • Mariana Funes

    So lovely to see your enthusiasm. It is enjoyable if you can to do the course with a group but also the open course enables life to happen around it.

    Blog is looking awesome and I do hope you stay around.