DS106 Daily Create #tdc1596: Squirrels and the Gif(t) of Gif-ing…

There we go – nearly didn’t accept this challenge, and then I decided to submit an image (although there was a specific request for a gif), I ain’t never made a gif before – and then I reassessed and went ahead and voila – the little squirrel that could…

The Brief: Amazing Tricked-Out Squirrel Tricks – For today’s Daily Create, name and describe an invented fancy trick for Florence Hinton’s squirrels (or their descendants, since Florence’s little critters are no doubt long gone). Add your own gif to make your point, if you want.

What? Trained squirrels? Tricks? or Talent? Find out more: http://daily.ds106.us/tdc1596/

And there you have it… If I can do it, surely a squirrel can!

  • Mariana Funes

    Cool! Your first gif! Some of us on DS106 love the gif and make them all the time. I even have a giffing dog: http://gifadog.tumblr.com 😉

    • soztheo

      Yep – don’t even know what a gifadog is, but as long as it’s got zilch to do with toe fungus, I am totally happy to learn new things 🙂