DS106 Daily Create #1597: Fungus Amongus

So, Take a photo of mushroom and/or fungus – find the art around you…

Ummm, well had this been a task on Saturday when I actually had a mushrooms which sprung up on my lawn, then I would totally have gone out and taken a photo of the fungal family unit, but woe to me, they are no longer there and so the quest to find a fungus, or to seek the inspiration for this particular shoot and create, is sadly uninspired – or is it?

Because now I feel I need to find meaning in the simplest of deliveries, and so it goes that this image is transformed into a commentary on the computer based generation who seeks interaction with the world by spectating via computer screen, sadly the result thereof well sometimes beautiful can also be not beautiful at times, as there are some gag-able additions to the search which demonstrate the uncertainty of life as well as the danger of a worldview as generated behind a computer screen… It’s deep stuff man… and very much like fungus, not really something I necessarily want to consider or look at, in fact, it might just have been easier to go and admire the beautiful side of it as filtered by a specific rose coloured pair of glasses.

This turns out to be, just as required by the task, very much a fungus in my daily life…

(On the plus side, this here photo is uploaded on my Flickr account, a 1st!)

Fungus Amongstus

  • soztheo

    Perhaps (just perhaps) I should mention that the decision I made was to go with the first search result…