DS106 #tdc1603 Do a Random Daily Create… Do it Wrong

So today for the DS106 Daily Create we have been asked to randomly (via this random link http://daily.ds106.us/random) to select a Daily Create from the past… and then to do it all wrong…

I have landed up with the #tdc1481: Put a Western Reflection in your Front Window… Err… Soooo not South African; inspiration was, well, absent – so I googled Western, the first entry was this wikipedia link, and the first image to befall my delighted eyes was the Parthenon (and without even reading the article it all made sense, for when the Greeks invented the world, this did ofcourse include the West). My greekness now delighted, the muses unleashed their love upon me and so the rules were broken.

  1. My front window is in my door,
  2. the reflection would be from inside,
  3. from whence the West resides.



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  • Jaap Soft

    Hi, Interesting post and good artwork. Your comments are an eye opener to me.

    I did not read the word Western as a cultural (North Atlantic culture) description. But to me it meant Western as a name for some stories as in Western Movie. Because at the time the DC was published the 106 course were in a Western Cowboy theme.