DS106 Daily Create #tdc1607: You Had One DS106 Job

The premise, look around you, DS106 is everywhere, and yet so often just about everywhere is getting it wrong – don’t you just hate it when the universe fails to hit the sweet 106 spot?

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And so we had to look around us, in our quest to make digital art, and find these instances of 106-failure. A funny thing is going on at the moment…

On one had I have acknowledged that if I am going to be taking blogging more seriously, I will have to care about the numbers and analysis which indicate growth of following… On the other hand, the creative endeavor, that in which we create for creation and expressions sake, and in which we do so in the face of and prepared for criticism and opinion, not to be focussed on the returns of “Popularity”…

And so, I watch the numbers, I do, and I create, I do that to – so my contribution/s on this post deal with the reality and the created possibility of missing the mark – not once in number, but twice, the second in the literal/creative capacity…


Written by soztheo