DS106 Daily Create #tdc1609: Paint It Black

Ever have one of those days, where the world is weighing you down; nothing has been going right for a while and today feels like yet another shade of shade on an ever increasing scale of shade; that there’s a cloud over your head and it’s raining down upon you and only you…

I never had one of those days yesterday, but I know them way to well!

Yesterday’s Daily Create was a last minute piece of creation that commenced 5 minutes before midnight… I was actually quite ashamed, since commencing my current blogging schedule, this would be the first time I missed posting – but it was such a great day (and if all goes according to plan, you will hear about it soon). So at just before midnight, after the excitement of good company and fun had completed its ensue-ment(?), I thought – at the least let me try and get the job done – but now it was a matter of what could I do with the following prompt:

I decided at that moment to embark on a five minute creative excercise… I was thus forced to take stock of my limitations… we are now two minutes down you must understand… So what does this picture say to me? What does it all mean? What is the knock-on effect and impact of not meeting my personal commitments (which mean nothing to anyone but to me alone) actually mean to me in the grand scheme of things? What does 2 minutes (because the clock is ticking) of creativity look like?

And then the moment of revelation arrived, and aligned with the very first entry of my oldest remaining journal, an entry based and inspired on a song from a little know movie by a little known band – Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones as per the end credits of The Devil’s Advocate (a movie which confirmed to this former film student prior to his studies, that Charlize Theron was meant for bigger things). This song was somewhat of an anthem for a gothic rocker youth during his more… sombre (shall we say)… days, before he discovered the joy of house music and the npartied at maybe one to many Rave Party Gathering Things… But I digress… I used to lie awake at night and travel down the hypnotic journey of this songs’ melody and lyrics, eyes closed, painting it all black – much like the eventual outcome of any inanimate (or even animate for that fact) individual being smacked dead by what appears to be the stupidity of invention…

Sound morbid right? But that’s how surprisingly and profoundly brilliant and exciting I think the piece is, because death, is well death, and if you don’t believe in anything (and I do believe inanimate objects do not, unless there is like a Wicker-Deity somewhere) then the emptiness of Black is the inevitable nothingness which exists. And so with a minute and a half left, I tried to capture the abstract representation which would encompass all of the above in a single shot of black, and that took longer than it should have!!! Because there is light frikken everywhere… (which is amazing, particularly in South Africa where having light is a privilege in the late hours)…

Which is fitting because if you look really closely, in the top right corner of the image, there is a hint of a glow coming through – a hint I say – offering a hint of hope to all of us that need to believe that there is light in the darkest of darkness… Even for those of us who are inanimate… apparently…

And that takes me back to the beginning of this full circle post, because even in the darkness, search for the light!

And that is my summation of this piece – Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder… 🙂


Written by soztheo