Who is the Alien? – DS106 #TDC1616 Daily Create

I’ve really had fun with this weeks movie activity – with some belated posts coming to the fore… I find myself in the stars – Today on DS106 we had to come up with a repeated word poem – mine was rather planetary. And at the same time I had the below perusing in my head in relation to a plot/theme appreciation task that was on the card this week, so there it is, below the DS106 video of course…

Who is this Alien

Who comes to my planet

Who breaks into my home



And steals

She is a she

Like me

A Mother too

Yet she tracks

And kills

My newly born child

Who is this monster

Who returns to me

Returns to Slaughter


And Murder

My progeny

She is pregnant you see

With one of mine

She will soon see

That a mother

Is a mother

Whatever the baby shall be

Back from the dead

Infused with me

She now is Queen

A mother again

But she wants to be

The mother of humanity

At my expense

And of that of mine

She will kill us again

To save her half

But what do I know?

I’m just a Xenomorph…

But really, who is the Alien?