Sunday Night in Jhb

It’s a cold Sunday Night in Johannesburg and a week of creativity comes to a close.

As you may know if you have been following me, I have been participate (rather lightly) in the DS106 Digital Storytelling course, although this has also been relegated to a daily excercise in creativity as prompted by the Daily Create prompts on the DS106 Daily Create Handle @DS106DC – I recommend this to anyone aspiring to be creative, it is an incredibly satisfying mental flex, and there is a community of creatives participating who are supportive, friendly and fun! :)! The selected image for this post is for today’s Daily Create #TDC1617 which was to Draw the dark side of the ds106 moon (with the “Draw” being incredibly loosely interpreted).

I have also been participating in the writing prompts associated with a brilliant site called The Blog Tag – where I have got interact with fellow participants in the Blogger World, and contribute some of my writing to the plethora of themed content currently being uploaded onto the web by this initiative – I have had two of my contributions selected as part of their Reading Nook (which is itself a product of the activity, with selected readings from their theme being shared). You can read these contributions as well as those of the other selected reads on The Music Week Reading Nook and on The Movie and TV Week Reading Nook.

I find myself wanting to write and create all the time, and I have to balance this need for creativity in my life with the realities of what life requires of us – being a father, a partner, a husband, a son, a worker… But I always have loved and have come back to this quest for creativity, having been a Film Student, having been a student studying a BA in English Literature with a focus on Creative Writing, in the hopes of expanding into those perceived versions of myself, it’s funny but not so surprising, that I have synched back up to that vision of what I want to be when I’m all growed up (and that’s already happened). I feel that this blog is a step in the right direction… So…

Thank you to all who are taking the time to engage with me, thank you for accompanying me hereon…

#tdc1617 @ds106dc Today's Daily Create What exists on the dark side of the #DS106 Moon? Apparently enLIGHTenment...

#tdc1617 @ds106dc Today’s Daily Create
What exists on the dark side of the #DS106 Moon?
Apparently enLIGHTenment…



Written by soztheo