Defending Your Life (1991)

Defending your life Movie posterSo for my first movie review on, in which I am revisiting my assessments made of movies I watched on a previous blog I was involved in, I’m going to share with you a movie I really enjoy called Defending Your Life.

I am a fan of Albert Brooks movies, he has a dry, self-deprecating sense of humour that aligns with my funny bone – it’s not overloaded with the obvious, cheap, slap your knee, gimmicky, slapstick, tears rolling funny; his genius is about pairing his humour with great casts and placing the characters in hysterical, preposterous, yet subtle, scenarios.

Written, Directed by & Starring Mr. Brooks, this film is about that place between death and eternity. Daniel Miller dies and is transferred to the after-life of Judgement City, this is where the actions of your life are examined in a court room style setting (but it’s not a trial), and where the assessment will be made as to whether you have conquered fear during this life just passed. The decision if you are successful will have you advance to the next higher spiritual plane, if you fail you return to earth, reincarnated and given a chance to face fear again…

While going through his ‘it’s not a trial’, in the heavenly setting of white robed, eat all you can eat at no charge while surrounded by mostly the  recently departed aged, Daniel meets Julia (Meryl Streep), also young, recently deceased and also going through her ‘fear in life assessment’, the two meet in death and find in each other something that would have been the perfect compliment to the life they lived when alive.

I’m not going to give too much away as far as the ensuing plot line goes, but let me say this – I still love this movie, it is dated, but nothing is forever current, and dated or not, to me, this movie on the re-watch is as good as the first time I saw it (No remake required, please).

On my count, and again I will state that I am a fan of Albert Brooks movie making style, movies like The Muse and Mother, this movie gets a healthy four out of five stars, so give it a watch and tell me what you think?