Don Jon (2013)

For Don Jon it’s all about:
“My body; My pad; My ride; My family; My church; My boys; My girls; My porn”.
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For my second movie review in which I am revisiting my movie reviews from a previous blog I was involved in, I am taking a trip to the comedic genius that is Don Jon.


Oh my hat, am I surprised at how much I enjoyed Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon.

But then again, from the moment I saw the trailer, I thought ‘I wanna check that movie out’… And then I did. And then I really enjoyed it. And then I was sad that it was all over. So then I showed it to my fiancee. And then I enjoyed it all over again. And she enjoyed it (which is a win because she falls asleep in movies, Grrr, she made it through though). But then I was sad all over again that it was all over…

Don JonLike I said, I do love this movie. At the very least, besides being good fun, this is an excellent artistic realisation of Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

Young Mr Gordon-Levitt (and I say that well in the knowledge that he is a whole two years younger than me) has quite frankly impressed me to hell and back. Now I do know that he is the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun; and Inception and The Dark Knight Rises , but who woulda thunk it – that this creation existed therein… Not me!

Written and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Don Jon tells the story of stereotypical Italian American Jon Martello, a modern Don Juan, with a clear list of priorities:

“My body; My pad; My ride; My family; My church; My boys; My girls; My porn”.

The problem, and it’s a really big one, is that Jon’s relationship with his porn is setting a standard of sexual expectation that is just not attainable, thus his ability to meet a girl is hindered as they are measured up to the desires within his digital playground – until he meets Barbara…

So Italian Stallion meets sexy dream girl Scarlett “MaJoJo” Johannson, and is now finally “in love” as he understands it with the perfect woman, but he already is in a committed relationship with his love of porn. MaJoJo, in particular shines in this performance. What is it about Scarlett Johannson? She is without a doubt, undeniably beautiful and voluptuously super sexy, but there’s an aloofness to her that borders on the verge of being interpreted as vapid and inaccessible, but yet she has recently been awarded with the dubious title of Hollywood’s Highest-grossing actress in history (thanks to well placed roles in particularly high profile blockbusters and franchises)… In light of all of this, almost everyone I know has this rate her/don’t rate her as an actress debate, why’s it so difficult? Because we’ve all seen a movie in which she surprises us with how good she actually is… Matchpoint; Vicky Cristina Barcelona; Don Jon; all of these are performances by a brilliant actress with a sexiness and sultriness so powerful as to almost stand in her way.

But the movie doesn’t stop there and keeps delivering brilliant performances… Julianne Moore in particular as the other headlining star provides cathartic drama to Jon’s life and a surprisingly muscular (he’s the boss) Tony Danza delivers too as Don Jon’s poppa… It is thus that a truly entertaining journey ensues.

Epically awesome!

In my honest opinion, this movie is a fitting Saturday Night Fever for a new generation (I haven’t seen the original in a long long time, and will make a point to revisit Tony Manero again soon), but please please please Mr Gordon-Levitt, if you make part two (and I do dig this character enuff for another dose), please don’t be no Staying Alive!

Soz Don Jon