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It really has been a busy week in the world of I have been delighted to have been involved in the Writerly Yours #NailbitersNovel Blog Tour. This week has also been a busy week on The Blog Tag Group, where the weeks prompts have been centered around fitness and excercise. does not excercise… really should excercise…

So as always happens, The Blog Tag ends with a Q&A, and being the fitness week, I had to turn to the only ex-fitness instructor who has been in my peripheral in the last couple of weeks. I have gone inter-dimensional, communicating through the harshest of circumstance and most fragile of connections with my interviewee. From somewhere in the future. Between the realms of the real and the imaginary. Merging the fictional with the non-fictional to bring you fitness advice which may just save your life someday…

Let me introduce you now, on another exclusive, to Dora, the amazing protagonist of the #NailbitersNovel, a true survivor and literary hero, here to give you some valuable fitness advice :)!

Me: Dora, Thank you so much for managing to answer these questions for us, I know that it is very difficult, but I also know that if anyone is in a position to understand the life saving power of being fit and healthy, as a former gym instructor who has relied on her strength, it would be you.

Dora: Thank you so much for the opportunity.

1. Do you go to the gym often?

Dora: I used to go everyday, now I find ways to stay in shape where I am. Whether it is running or strength training, I try to use the resources around me.

2. What is your favorite form of exercise?

Running, it is a great overall workout. All I want to do is run.

3. Do you like exercising alone or in a group?

I prefer to exercise alone, but I used to make a living off of training with others, so both are OK.

4. What does your diet mostly consist of?

I used to eat very lean meals, now I eat what I can get my hands on. I try to focus on just healthy items, but I can’t be as picky now.

5. How has exercise affected your life?

I had a very rocky upbringing, working out gave me the chance to clear my mind and focus on tangible goals. It turned out I was good at it and others wanted to learn from me so it turned into a career. Then it turned into a skill that saved my life.

6. Do you believe that everyone should exercise or have a strict diet?

Absolutely, you only have one body and one life. You need to stay in peak shape to be able to handle what comes your way.

7. Have you ever encouraged someone to take care of their own health and fitness?

Yes, that used to be my job. I hope my clients are OK, wherever they are.

8. How do you think your mental state affects your ability to lead a healthy life?

Absolutely. I’ve had rough times where it was hard to focus on staying in shape, but getting back into the routine of working out and being able to find my strength again saved me.

9. How do you deal with negative criticism regarding your health and fitness?

I’ve never been criticized for being too in-shape or too fit.

10. Have you ever participated in sport? If so, what sport and did you enjoy it?

No, I’m not much of a team-player unless I have to be.


11. Exercise inside or outside

12. Fruit or Vegetables

13. Smoothie or Health Shake

14. Sport or Gym

15. Cardio or Building Muscle Strength

(Both, I like High Intensity Interval Training)

Unfortunately our connection was severed before I could ask any further questions, but I am extremely honoured to have engaged with her for such a short time. I would like to thank author MK Williams for making this interview possible.

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