The Announcement

This is a pre-wedding-date-;-wedding-date-intervention

This is a pre-wedding-date-;-wedding-date-intervention…

Guess what. I’m getting married in Greece. Anabela and the boys are joining me. I will be getting married, and they’re part and parcel.

I would love to have you there, but Anabela didn’t even know this was happening… Now… Like This. Don’t worry, the conversations have been happening – but I don’t have time for a site… And I’m in a heap of trouble right as it is.

Change is afoot, and my number one priority is marrying this woman in a way that matters to me. In a way that matters to her.

You matter.

If you are still reading this, then hey, you’re included as much as you want to be.

I’m very busy manifesting the holiday of a lifetime for my family, I hope you will be a part of that…

You matter to me in a way that would matter to you. To me, you are an important part of the journey that defines past, present and future. You are significant. Should you need to share this, please do so with anyone who needs to know, if you need to know, you’ve been thus informed!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, or mail me, especially if you are angry, upset or provoked. I’m sorry, we probably need a catch up…

Greeks like olives… olives grow on branches… Everyone who has ever mattered to me, will always matter to me. I’m like that.

You could be an integral player in:

“The Pintofrastos Wedding Party”

(Now a major Motion Picture)

Tagine: There will be dancing, there will be alcohol, there will be sun, fun and Greece. There will be family. There will be Friendship, Laughter, Drama, Tears…

There will be Dancing!

No Greeks were harmed in the production of this post… I hope… If concerned, your immediate intervention would be Legend—arraly appreciated.

I hate sequins…

The Panic Monster is afoot… (tedtalk it)

Brought to you by

My Number 1 priority…

Soz out!