DS106 Daily Create #1586: Give us our daily creative freedom, or give us a paraprosdokian

Had to go a little deep today… It’s one of those days where life just needs to be put into perspective; where hard lessons are being learned; where battered and bruised you pick yourself up; you dust yourself off; you resolve to move forward onto bigger and brighter ventures where people are worthy of your expectations… Oh and DS106 gives you an opportunity to capture it all in a message for prosperity!



The Toasted Self – the daily create #1583 (or just 3 for me)

I myself have been “toast” before, and I had a really good time, although I would never condone anyone repeating the mistakes of misguided youth, toast is good, especially with the right accoutrements…

When the concept of the toasted self arrived today as the daily create challenge of DS106, I wondered among tangents, and was moving to a gif that went something like this:

Toasted Self formula(followed by a nom, nom, nom effect)

But on the record, I don’t know anything about any of that… Anyway, I took it back a step to the essence of the title, I went and made some toast on my Mickey Mouse toaster which burns the face of Mickey Mouse on my toast (I have one of those, #TrueStory, please ask for proof), and thought, “I’m not Mickey, and I don’t want to eat my mug (as yummy as it may be too many) because some things are just too good to eat – but the toasted self (in it’s definitive form) this I can do”:


DS106 Daily Challenge #2 (one for the Grammar-Nazi’s)

This was a difficult one to conceive – but seems like I’m learning basic storytelling tools too (like more better grammar)…

“With educated people, I suppose, punctuation is a matter of rule; with me it is a matter of feeling. But I must say I have a great respect for the semi-colon; it’s a useful little chap.”
― Abraham Lincoln


1st DS106 Daily Create challenge

Here I am – Day one done… sorta…

Ending off my day with a “brief” visit to this DS106 journey I have thus commenced (but not yet with the course material – Hey! It’s Saturday, after midnight in South Africa, but I just wanted to pop in)…

For the 1st daily challenge I have attempted, the task at hand was #1581 Experiment with a text logo designer, in which we use a logo generator called Mark Maker, and make a logo for yourself/ourselves. The system is a prototype which gives you an endless array of logo’s to view and review, and in the process those you “heart/like” feedback into the system, and refines the options presented based on your selection. Below is the final logo I selected:

So… Did the system achieve it’s purpose? Yes, I have a logo… But am I allowed to be critical? Because the thing is, while I enjoyed the excercise and accept that this system is a prototype, I walked away feeling frustrated… There were two design elements I really liked, and through the process what I wanted, and maybe I’m asking too much, was for a merging of the two choices I really liked, a hybrid – the sleeping astronaut and the abstract elemental design I wished was included therein – The system apparently cannot do this, handing me variations of either/or… and so ultimately, I feel like I settled, on something I do like, but which is incomplete…

That said, I happened to see a bit of an interview with George Lucas today in which he said, and I am paraphrasing here, that ‘passion/success/purpose is found when you sit down to achieve a task and take a break to attend to something (like grabbing a bite) and you realise that time has just been absorbed and flown right out the window, and yet it has not worn you down, but you are instead still exhilarated’ – something like that. That is what I walked away with today, the ying to the yang of this excercise and right now, 2.5 hours after I started, I have a logo (Version 1) on which I get to build – so thanks Mark Maker and DS106 – Great way to end the day.