The commencement… a weeks reflection… @DS106 #4Life

Up until last Sunday, I’m talking about the Sunday before yesterday, the Sunday before Fathers Day Sunday, although my love did make the mistake of thinking last week was actually Fathers Day, so I got to have two Fathers Days in… Continue Reading →

#tdc1619 #ChroniclesOfAuCT: Struggle…

Like in all those good stories her Nan used to tell her, the struggle was real. It was immense, perceivably insurmountable. There would be many obstacles. There would for sure be many tears. There may be death. Hopefully there will… Continue Reading →

Sunday Night in Jhb

It’s a cold Sunday Night in Johannesburg and a week of creativity comes to a close. As you may know if you have been following me, I have been participate (rather lightly) in the DS106 Digital Storytelling course, although this… Continue Reading →

Who is the Alien? – DS106 #TDC1616 Daily Create

I’ve really had fun with this weeks movie activity – with some belated posts coming to the fore… I find myself in the stars – Today on DS106 we had to come up with a repeated word poem – mine… Continue Reading →

Movie Week Q&A + #TDC1615 &1614-ish + a week round up

Yoh, it’s been quite a week a I tell you! Juggling will be the word that exists in summation of this first full week of June 2016, I almost feel like I never got to give my full this week… Continue Reading →

DS106 Daily Create #tdc1613: The craculator of AuCT

“The liluns found it while playing down on Jules, do you know what it is?” Garr looked at the small contraption, a machine, buttons with faded numbers and letters, and a screen – not cracked, had somehow survived. “I think… Continue Reading →

DS106 Daily Create #tdc1612: My Heart, My Love, My Everything!!!

Because today’s challenge was all about sharing what made you happy… Well wouldn’t you know it, on a day where I was actually wondering if people were picking up the real me through this blog, my DS106 fellowship provides me… Continue Reading →

DS106 Daily Creates #tdc1609, #tdc1610 & #tdc1611: The woe of animals…

On Saturday I tried to make something out of nothing, quite literally, within 5 minutes (more on that here…) The ironic thing is that I really (for 5 minutes) struggled, and I layered #TDC1609 with subtext, which I actually bought into… Continue Reading →

DS106 Daily Create #tdc1609: Paint It Black

Ever have one of those days, where the world is weighing you down; nothing has been going right for a while and today feels like yet another shade of shade on an ever increasing scale of shade; that there’s a… Continue Reading →

A Week of Music with Guitar Face

Well isn’t it just so funny – I am a member of a group called The Blog Tag (check them out on Facebook), this weeks blogging prompts have been aligned to the theme Music, today’s DS106 Daily Create is all… Continue Reading →

DS106 Daily Create #tdc1607: You Had One DS106 Job

The premise, look around you, DS106 is everywhere, and yet so often just about everywhere is getting it wrong – don’t you just hate it when the universe fails to hit the sweet 106 spot? And so we had to… Continue Reading →

DS106 Daily Create #tdc1606: Are you my ____________?

Today we have been tasked with the (only coz it’s been a really long week, and only 2 days in…) daunting remix of the P.D. Eastman classic Are You My Mother cover, to something more modern… Herewith (below) is my… Continue Reading →

DS106 Daily Create #tdc1605: #HungaryHippos

So, use a random name generator, choose two names from different countries, find a picture, and tell the story of the people in the picture… I wanted two countries who had sharing borders as soon as I saw this picture…. Continue Reading →

DS106 Daily Create #tdc1604: Beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder…

“Oh No, MATH! Find an example of the Fibonacci Numbers out in the world” – (as per today’s daily create challenge). I hated Maths in school… Okay, let me rephrase, I pretty much totally hated the school structure, the classes,… Continue Reading →

DS106 #tdc1603 Do a Random Daily Create… Do it Wrong

So today for the DS106 Daily Create we have been asked to randomly (via this random link http://daily.ds106.us/random) to select a Daily Create from the past… and then to do it all wrong… I have landed up with the #tdc1481: Put a… Continue Reading →

DS106 daily create #tdc1602: DS106 is sooo MASSIVE

It was a great day in the DS106-iverse; A simple task resulted in mucho creative connectedness for all involved 🙂 All we had to do really was: Show the world how DS106 is MASSIVE (by creating some massive art) –… Continue Reading →

DS106 daily create #tdc1601: Bad Photoshop Movie Scenes (really, the real outcome of this Daily Create) – which was supposed to be about Photoshopping yourself into your dream car… Uma is there though…

DS106 daily create #tdc1600: #2Truths1Lie

Yeah right! DS106 #4Life

DS106 Daily Create #tdc1599: I doesn’t do feet…

I don’t do feet, that should be sufficient, no explanation required, but I’m sure I have something to say about it… My Mrs wished I did do feet, but we are far enough into our relationship that she knows that… Continue Reading →


We live in an age where our digital selves are an extension of who we are. It’s a profound statement, but even the most seemingly mundane of mind (and that’s not to be offensive to the mundane of mind, or… Continue Reading →

Not my DS106 daily creation #tdc1598 Obviously Photoshopped

So… Today’s post is supposed to be about an “Obviously Photoshopped” photo, but I have decided instead to share a personal journey and struggle I have gone through and dealt with for the longest time… It all started with a… Continue Reading →

DS106 Daily Create #1597: Fungus Amongus

So, Take a photo of mushroom and/or fungus – find the art around you… Ummm, well had this been a task on Saturday when I actually had a mushrooms which sprung up on my lawn, then I would totally have… Continue Reading →

DS106 Daily Create #tdc1596: Squirrels and the Gif(t) of Gif-ing…

There we go – nearly didn’t accept this challenge, and then I decided to submit an image (although there was a specific request for a gif), I ain’t never made a gif before – and then I reassessed and went… Continue Reading →

DS106 Daily Create #tdc1595 Sock it to me!

So on this cold Wintery Johannesburg Day, could really use one of these:

DS106 #tdc1594 – Tree Pose With a Tree

The brief was simple, I don’t feel like doing simple today 🙂 For those just tuning in, this is a Daily Create from the DS106 course (an awesome creative, digital storytelling course), and this here is my contribution. I am… Continue Reading →

DS106: #tdc1593 Coming Soon Sign!

Before Nkandlagate… This is a truly South African issue, but who knows, if this snowball keeps rolling down this hill, it could become a global concern. South Africa has its issues – always has… We are tearing down monuments of… Continue Reading →

DS106 Daily Challenge #tdc1592: Make a poem about @johnjohnston

I’ve always liked a limerick 🙂 Sometimes the creative process can be painstakingly draining, I had this experience yesterday – It’s still rewarding but it comes with challenges all it’s own, as it takes you out of your comfort zone,… Continue Reading →

DS106 Daily create #tdc1591… The cringe-worthy challenge from Hell…

Sing us a song about a place you’ve never been This was not fun… Then again it was a creative excercise all the same, so that was fun… The laughter induced was fun too, but there was also the realisation that… Continue Reading →

#tdc1590 What are they looking at? or #tdc1589.2 Hunting Poor Good Will (the spectator sport)

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they… Continue Reading →

Today’s Daily Create Challenge? #1589

#tdc1589 #ReverseAMovie Flip the words of a movie title around, match it with an image Voila!

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